Develop your very own Telephony, Messaging and 3G applications without OS API.
- Works on non-rooted devices
- Kernel add-on layer
- Custom pricing available
Telephony Messaging Voice and SMS add-ons
Voice and SMS Add-on software provides an API layer to third party application enabling transfer of Voice, SMS and data transfer such as files and photo over an Internet connection. The custom mobile software implementation allows for quick development for VoIP and File transfer application with the option of integrating any open or closed source encryption.
Works on 2G/3G/WLAN/LTE/4G to transfer data, voice, messages, files, photos or any other byte array.
Uses a central server to implement an instant VPN on mobile device, which can carry open or encrypted data over any channel to and from any port.
Connection-establish time is less than 0.01 second. Data is submitted to sever within 0.0025 seconds. Instant connectivity without loss with built in hash checking and data verification techniques.
Tamper proof connection ensures the applications can be submitted for Baseline review in Government and Corporate Setup. Tamper proof data packets ensure Man-in-the-Middle attacks are not possible.
Data can be sent as a “raw byte array” or encrypted stream to any custom port.
Since byte array in safe-encoded, the application can send photos, files or any other data packets with ease.
Ideal for corporate and government environment where security is imperative and speed of implementation is of the essence.
API development ensures any third party application can access this layer.
Can be used to secure existing SIP / RSTP implementations since the Addon has the capability to carry Voice, Messaging, SMS, Files, Photos, Encoded Data or PTT initiated calls.
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Enables custom RTP over 3G/Wi-Fi or Satellite Internet.
User can push Data, Voice, SMS, Files over Secured Connection in two lines of code.
Create Financial real time applications on Mobile or Desktop to stream data without delay.
To customize Voice and SMS Add-on for your OEM Device or your application please contact us.