- Remotely manage mobile devices
- Real time or delayed implementation
- Encrypted command and response exchange
Specialized software that is targeted towards Government use only. Long-range controllers can be used on existing off-the-shelf hardware for custom implementation in stress scenarios
Long range controlled enable controlling of GSM devices or auxiliary units that are connected via USB / Bluetooth / 3G or Wi-Fi connections. This technology is only meant for Law Enforcement or it’s accredited agencies. Several monitoring features are available with Long Range controllers, which can be applied in any area such as Monitoring of area, airborne devices and Mechanical equipment.
There are no physical limitations of Long Range controllers since they can also be deployed in areas with custom coverage of GSM or CDMA, Satellite networks or government installations with private communication infrastructure.
If you are law enforcement, government or an associated sub contracted agency that needs long range controlling of mobile devices then please contact us for a brochure.
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