- Gather evidence in insurance fraud
- Ensure safety of your assets
- Case filing ready application
Lockdown Tool (Enterprise Version) Lockdown Tool (Insurance Version)
The Insurance version of Lockdown tool helps investigators detect insurance fraud and misdemeanor in an ongoing investigation. The Insurance version of the Lockdown tool spans Mobile and PC environment and helps investigators gather serious evidence that can be submitted in court.
Since Insurance scams occur across boundaries and courts have different requirements of data submission, Aglaya works with Insurance companies to prepare custom formats via an online automated reporting tool.
The Lockdown tool (Insurance Version) by Aglaya is ISO certified it provides and extra level of security and assurance to investigators that they are using the best available tool in the market to detect live insurance fraud or scams. Lockdown tool can gather all information required to perform and in-depth and extensive investigation. Lockdown tool gathers information that has never been achieved by another product in the market. A complete panorama or profile of the user can be created within a few hours. This is useful to determine the fraud that has been committed, if any.
Insurance lockdown tool is the first of if its kind software solution that can verify the authenticity of a fraud / scam without any indication of an investigation yet deliver effective results.
Incase you are an insurance company or its certified or freelance investigator, please contact us and we will send you detailed product information. Investigators quality for discounted licenses and free demo of our Mobile Lockdown Tool Software.
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