Develop your very own Telephony, Messaging and 3G applications without OS API.
- Works on non-rooted devices
- Kernel add-on layer
- Custom pricing available
Telephony Messaging Voice and SMS add-ons
Mobile Telephony proprietary layer works on Blackberry and Android mobile devices without the need of rooting or jail-breaking them. The Mobile Telephony Software layers are installed on a mobile handset as software and are able to create a virtual layer between telephony services in the kernel and pipe them for use as API for developers or OEM manufacturers. The benefit of such Mobile Software is that developers or OEMs do not have to keep track of changes in the OS or worry about permissions being depreciated. The Telephony layer provides full access to all telephony functions within a mobile operating system.
Kernel level Mobile Software code enables change of default Telephony application.
Mobile Telephony software layer can be installed on non-rooted devices and act as an end-to-end telephony layer or an extension.
The Mobile Telephony Software layer is able to manage incoming call, obtain MSISDN Information and can handle call requests of Ringing, Connection, Disconnection and Idle State.
Mobile Telephony Software layer is tightly integrated with contact, logs and LED notification on device.
Mobile Telephony Software Layer is transparent and works across platforms where rooting is not an option such as Android, Blackberry and Symbian Mobile and Car embedded systems.
Layer is able to perform custom actions on an Incoming or Outgoing MSISDN.
Telephony layer can serve as an extension to SIM Card application since it has the ability to monitor for USSD and SMS events.
Mobile Telephony Software can suppress LEDs or create a custom effect for OEM integration.
Can be implemented with third party application (OEM / Enterprise use only).
Rapid deployment across platforms with 24/7 support without device rooting, i.e. works on off-the-shelf devices.
Can be used to develop several applications for corporate use such as Custom Telephony Manager, Change default behavior of incoming calls and implement security solutions for BYOD profiles.
Since the application works on Kernel Level it is not blocked by the Operating System nor does it interfere with Messaging or Telephone Systems / sub – systems of the device. Infact it works complimentary to such services and improves stability for high performance applications.
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Implementation in OEM Device to create OS level Telephony Applications.
Developers can integrate Telephony Code within their application to access on-board / device Telephony Services.
Ability to create applications around Telephony Services in Blackberry and Android Devices, Tablets and phablets.
To customize Mobile Telephony software for your OEM Device or your application please contact us.