- Total security for corporate communications.
- Works on all popular mobile and OS platforms.
- Corporate pricing and discounts available
In a world of corporate espionage and cyber attacks any organization that has Intellectual property is paranoid about safe guarding its secrets. Whether you are an executive travelling abroad or employees in a group exchanging data over the Internet, the threat of hackers trying to steal your information is always prevalent.
ISP (Internet Service Providers) can view your Internet traffic despite you being behind a firewall or internal corporate network. A foreign government can view chat messages while you are travelling in an unfriendly state or corporate networks can be targeted to sniff your passwords by hackers.
It is imperative and prudent for individuals to encrypt their Intellectual property and protect themselves against any hacking or espionage related threats.
Our communication security layer encrypts communication over Mobile or PC devices from anywhere in the world. Aglaya’s communication security products can be implemented in Mobile, PC or roaming offices to encrypt data, voice, SMS, messages or files/photos.
ISO certified products.
Provides AES 256 encryption.
Works on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop Operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Windows Server Operating Systems (Windows 2003 and above), Ubuntu, Linux, Chrome OS (Chromebook’s) and Unix.
Pre-shared key reduces risk of key hack
Transfers any type of data in seconds including voice.
No special equipment required. 100% software implementation.
Works on all networks wired, wireless, cellular and satellite networks.
Aglaya Communication Security solution can be hosted onsite for a customer thus reducing any risk of data snooping or espionage. This is the best counter espionage product in the market as it has the ability to secure all available nodes in company’s communication.
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