- Instantly obtain GPS Data
- Track fleet or personnel from easy to use Backup
- Export data to CSV format
- Incredible customization available
Location Aware module by Aglaya uses GPS signals and manages the data as per the required rule set. Location Aware module will upload data, convert into encoded text and send the coordinate via a data bearer such as SMS, MMS, Email and Byte array to any desired location.
Location aware module can be used to vehicle or asset tracking from anywhere. Location aware module is a software solution that resides in a mobile device hidden from user view. Once installed you can query the module to obtain the GPS location of the device itself. The device can be fitted in a vehicle, fleet or given to employees / personnel for tracking their whereabouts at any given time.
Tracking is performed over a web panel that can display one or multiple assets and plot their movements as per time.
Obtains GPS Data in NMEA format
Can handle data as per defined rule sets. Data can be logged on local device for delayed analysis or retrieved real time mapping.
Useful for real time tracking of fleet(s) or asset(s)
Data supplied can be plugged into any offline mapping software or integrate in existing software for real time view.
Use multiple sets to plot timeline in one click.
Export data using CSV format to database insertion and further operations.
Works everywhere with GPS satellite coverage.
Data accuracy of few meters
Runs on existing off the shelf hardware without hardware modifications.
Support commands via SMS or HTTP / HTTP(s).
Activate / deactivate / set sending frequency via commands.
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