- End to End monitoring of Enterprise nodes
- Ensure safety of Corporate IP at remote offices
- Enforce the highest standards of conduct
- Transparent company wide security
Lockdown Tool (Enterprise Version) Lockdown Tool (Insurance Version)
Aglaya software and solutions enable a corporate, government or insurance agency to lock down a mobile device or PC for Live and Delayed Investigations. Enterprise security products are defined to work in extreme scenarios where information reliability is of the essence.
The Lockdown Tool Enterprise server for Mobile Devices enables an administrator to access and monitor relevant data on a user’s mobile device to ensure that there are no suspicious activity or security threats from within the organization. The lockdown tool comprises of a mobile client and an enterprise server. The tool once installed on the mobile device delivers reports and data as defined by the administrator.
The Lock down tool ensures the safety and security of enterprise personnel in far away places and dangerous situations. The lockdown tool is powerful software that operates under high-pressure scenarios and can deliver results within time frames. The simplicity of the software does not do justice do the inner working of its core module. The administrator module and mobile client are tightly integrated as a connecting service that can tunnel data over any port in an open or encrypted environment.
The Lockdown tool confirms to corporate security framework adhering to all requirements where the Administrator is able to view all activity on the devices in an enterprise profile and issue directives as per the privileging security policy.
The Lockdown tool is ideally suited for a large enterprise where it is vital to monitor devices for risk management and security. The Lockdown tool takes less than a few minutes to setup and can be managed via the Internet using a secure connection (HTTPS).
The lockdown tool is an ideal security software for an enterprise. Not only does it help secure an originations mobile devices but also performs data backups and redundancy checks. The software works on Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.
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