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A proprietary Android application that enables sending of
Encrypted SMS via Cellular or Satellite Network without using
a third party server or the Internet
No training required. Works out of the box & from your Inbox.
Complete control over which SMS communications are to be encrypted.
Unbreakable AES 256 encryption.
MonsterSMS uses an in-house proprietary messaging core enabling the user to compose a normal SMS from the native messaging application of the device to send an encrypted SMS.
Tight Integration
MonsterSMS is tightly integrated with the native Inbox of your device.
Simply enter 1111 before any SMS and is encrypted.
MonsterSMS uses the full functionality of the Inbox including Contacts and defined User Groups.
Uses a Public key and auto generated Private key to power the fully secure AES 256 bit encryption.
Zero Training
MonsterSMS works in the background and is integrated with the default Inbox. This eliminates the need to reading length manuals, setup and getting teams trained.
not required
Does not require Internet to send / receive Secure SMS. Works on existing Cellular or Satellite network connection on your device.
No third party Gateway or Servers
Backdoors or decryption capabilities are non-existent since all communication encrypted is routed over your trusted provider
Add on your Pre-shared keys with ease, which are not transmitted on the network. This ensures that cracking is impossible.