Develop your very own Telephony, Messaging and 3G applications without OS API.
- Works on non-rooted devices
- Kernel add-on layer
- Custom pricing available
Telephony Messaging Voice and SMS add-ons
Custom Mobile Messaging layer once installed will work on the “SMS Datagram” level of the Kernel. Mobile Messaging Software Layer has the ability to identify Incoming and Outgoing SMS and can augment the existing operations with an easy to use integrated menu. Messaging layer is tightly integrated with the SIM card’s Delivery Report system and UTF encoding(s) on device. It uses generic transport layers so that integration efforts within an existing third party application are minimal.
Works as soon as SMS is sent via native Messaging Application of the device.
Provides the user to perform action on an outgoing SMS including changing of text, time of sending (i.e. scheduling) or recipient information.
Messaging Layer is compatible with all languages such English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and all other Latin and Cyrillic characters.
Provides full integration with existing apps or third party apps for advanced messaging management.
Messaging Layer is compatible with all the full range of Android, Blackberry and Symbian Operating System and variations.
Application supports over 30,000 characters in one SMS sending action.
Works on SMS, MMS, WAP PUSH, SIM Messaging.
Messaging Layer has the capability to submit the SMS directly to the Messaging Center thus omitting the Default Outbox. All messages sent to the Messaging Center do not appear in Sent or Outbox. The layer does have the option of creating the Messaging Entry in the desired folder if required.
Can handle Incoming SMS from the Inbox or custom ports as per Number, Text and/or time of incoming message. Has the ability to handle the SMS before it reaches the inbox
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Create advance SMS application from the native User Interface.
Ability to manage SMS after being sent by user.
Developers or OEMs can create Custom SMS administration tools.
To customize SMS API for your OEM Device or your application please contact us.