Enhance the power of your Native SMS application to sending Scheduled SMS .Simply create a SMS and click Send. SMSTimer springs into action and enables powerful scheduling.
Enhances the power of your Device’s Inbox by adding Scheduling capability to outg-
oing SMS. Install the software and send a SMS to bring up the scheduler. Transparent
 application with low footprint enables powerful scheduling features.
Send Scheduled SMS
Compose a regular SMS on your device.
Click Send.
Select Date and Time for scheduling the SMS or click “Send Now” if you don’t wish to schedule.
Send a SMS to one or multiple recipients
Send SMS from your default Inbox
Works on all International language devices
Tight Integration
Select Contacts from Phone book.
Integrated with Delivery reports
Full-featured application
Edit Scheduled SMS body, date or time.
View Sent Scheduled SMS
View SMS in queue
Ability to schedule or Send Now
Works on all GSM, CDMA and Satellite Networks.
Starts working “Right-out-of-the-box”. No complex setup or settings.