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Travel Services (15 USD) Flight Services (20 USD)
  Check availability, pricing and
make Worldwide Air, Hotel and
Car reservations. Internets Low
cost guarantee.
    Accurate worldwide flight
schedules between all world-
wide cities, gate delays and
terminal information for major
Symbian     Symbian  
Windows Mobile     Windows Mobile  
  Mobile Share (20 USD)     Weather (10 USD)  
  Upload or download your work
files from your mobile or share
your photos and videos as soon
as you shoot them.
    Advanced weather applica-
tion that obtains an accurate
worldwide five day forecast.
Covers all worldwide cities
and countries.
  Coming Soon            
  Symbian     Symbian  
  Windows Mobile     Windows Mobile  
Phone Backup (20 USD) Secure Space (10 USD) GreenPhone (15 USD)
  Backup your phones SMS,
Contacts and Calendar.Smart
Insurance for Smartphone.Login
to view your data from any
    Store all your private information
and expenses in one in pre-
defined lists,or create your own
lists.This information is protected
by a password and encryption.
    An eco friendly application that
can save your phones battery
life and charger.
  Coming Soon                  
  Symbian     Symbian     Symbian  
  Windows Mobile     Windows Mobile     Windows Mobile  
  Currency (10 USD)     Translate (20 USD)     SMSTimer (15 USD)  
  Download the worldwide
currency database on your
phone and query for currency
translation without limitations.
    Instantly translate strings in
several languages. Advanced
engine insures quick and
accurate responses.
    An advanced SMS scheduler
application that is rightly integrated
with your phones messaging application.1,600 character and
Inter-national languagesupport.
  Symbian     Symbian     Symbian  
  Windows Mobile     Windows Mobile     Windows Mobile  
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