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How to purchase MobiMonster Mobile?

You can purchase by going to “Buy Now” on the top navigation bar and click on Register & Buy. Please follow the steps to complete purchase. Incase you have downloaded the trial version and wish to purchase, please login using the username and password sent to you during sign up from your mobile device. Login from the home page or bottom bar link “MobiMonster Sign in” which will open the main logged in page. Click on “Change plan” and follow the on screen instructions to complete the purchase.  
How many plans do you have for the MobiMonster Mobile?  
We have three plans. The first plan is free and is ad supported. This Free plan gives you access to Air, Hotel, Car, Weather and Currency at no cost, and free for life. The other two plans are paid and are ad free. For more details on available plans click here.  
What is the Ad Service?  
The ad service is a non intrusive ad service which is only displayed to you when you are using MobiMonster Mobile. It does not: Interfere with your phone's operations Available on any other Screen of the phone except MobiMonster Mobile Does not prompt you during any operations of the application or the phone The Ads will scroll on a top navigation bar. You will be able to request details of the Advertisement or discount coupons only when you choose to do so. To download the Advertisement or discount coupon you can select Options > Ad Details or Options > Download Coupons to receive details via SMS.  
Why is there a subscription fee for MobiMonster Mobile?  
We are obtaining date from several service providers who require us to charge a yearly fee to continue to provide such services to our customers.  
Does any other product except MobiMonster Mobile have a subscription fee?  
How do I know if my device is compatible with your software?  
If you are using MobiMonster Mobile then all Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition (except Nokia 3250, N91 and 5500) are compatible and all Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 sets. For other products, please check the individual products page for more details. Incase you are unable to obtain the information, please email us at [email protected] or by using the form above.  
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