About Us
We are a Symbian Foundation member and are have partners for Mobile Application Distribution such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Nokia and Handmark who resell to AT&T.; We have developed an extensive web of application distribution around the world from major players as mentioned above and regional players who push the applications to regional operators. This has given us a unique insight into how each AppStore operates and we are quickly able to adapt to any new billing methods or application push/delivery process.

With an experienced team that can handle complex application development to device burning we have done it all.

MobiMonster has also developed a range of services which we are in the process of releasing and are available for view:
1. Flight Status :  We are obtaining data from worldwide airports and pushing to Mobile Clients.
2. Flight Schedules :  We have integrated data from Sabre, Amadeus to provide an extensive Flight Schedule service.
3. Weather
We have painfully mapped out 80,000 worldwide Zip Codes to provide one of the most advanced weather service in 
the world. We are in discussion with Nokia Life tools as the first possible customer.
4. Translator: :  A proprietary and translation and grammar engine that provides translation into 22 languages.

MobiMonster has also developed its own layers for the Operating system (result of Internal R&D;):

1. Telephony :  Ability to manage telephone calls while superseding the device’s native telephony layer.
2. Messaging: :  Ability to over-ride messaging sub system of the device. Application that does that is SMSTimer.
3. Voice Encryption
Using FFT on a mobile device, we have been able to convert Voice into DTMF and use that as a data bearer to securely transmit data between two handsets.

The following application as developed by MobiMonster have been burned on device:

1.  SMSTimer
2.  Drummer
3.  JalTarang
4.  Flute
5.  KissNSlap
6.  Diwali Apps
7.  Run between the Wickets
8.  Disturb the batsman