Update History

Version 3.0.0 from 2.0.0

Released: February 10, 2009

  • Removed crashing bug
  • Added ability send text to editors (SMS, MMS & Email)
  • Added Edit capabilites
Symbian Download Details
Application (.SIS) 209 KB
User Manual 1.13 MB
Price $ 20 /yr
Windows Download Details
Application (.CAB) 621 KB
User Manual 1 MB
Price $ 20 /yr

World Text:
(International language translation)

Translator application that enables you to convert text between international languages on the go.  This application supports translation between the following language pairs:

  • English

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Greek

  • Dutch

Select the languages between which you would like to translate the text and click go. Our intelligent servers perform advanced checks to quickly and accurately send the text back to you.  The applications aims to provide very accurate responses and which are helpful to any traveler or an enthusiast that is learning a new language.  The translation engine is seasoned and has a huge database of dictionary, grammatical phrases and can translate several paragraphs with accuracy.


Best of all, you can save or get the converted text via SMS delivered to your phone as well.  You can save this text for offline access so that you don't have to fire a GPRS query every time you need to access your past translations helping you save on your data transfer charges.  Translator application is available for Windows Mobile and Series 60 devices.


Main Features:

  • Quick responses.

  • Easy on your Mobile phones resources.

  • Compressed responses, ensuring low data usages means a lowered Data Transfer charges bill.

  • Accurate Results.

  • Save results on your phone

  • Obtain results by SMS, GPRS or both.


Subscription Information:

World Text is available as a subscription product for 1 year.

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